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  1. Master the skills you need to get the career you want

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  3. Achieve the life and career you envision

  4. Learn the technical skills you need to master job search

  5. GET a better mindset and self-stability about your career and future

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Our curriculum contains in-depth teachings plus tactical steps for applying the new knowledge immediately. Meaning, you not only learn but you self-apply learnings to grow (with our help) in real-time.


Dictate your destiny

  • 4 S’s Matrix (Service, Sales, STEM/Specialist, Specialist business) Strengths and weaknesses assessment
  • Focus on your PERSONAL goals, eradicate influences of parents, peers, authority
  • Mindset Shifts to gain confidence in your future: Shake the Victim mindset to empowered, change your self-perceptions and hone in on your vision
  • Using Personality tests - affiliation - DISC, strengthsfinders, Tetramap
  • Dandan’s Do’s and Don’ts


Arrange your Arsenal

  • LinkedIn profile design
  • Resume Design
  • Other Creative ideas – portfolios, targeted prospecting (i.e. creating marketing materials for specific clients)
  • Social Media engagement via LinkedIn as the main focus, what to write and how to prospect with the right messaging
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Nail Your Narrative

  • Personal Statement (how to introduce yourself) - Impacts earning potential, tone
  • Interview Prep (library format, how to prepare for general buckets of main topics that are bound to come up, tone)
  • Improvisation strategies - acting - life coaching
  • General good advice (tone, attitude, prep, how to build rapport)
  • How to visualize, build confidence in yourself - pre interview pump up
  • Be Yourself
  • Dandan’s Do’s and Don’ts


Direct & Dominate the Process

  • Prospect & Run the engagement like a recruiter
  • How to manage multiple interview processes
  • Improvisation strategies - acting - life coaching
  • The best way to organize everything and everyone
  • Understand the 4 hiring entities and how to use them (Recruiter, IR/TA, HR person, Hiring Manager)
  • Dandan’s Do’s and Don’ts


Angle and Accept the Best Opportunity

  • Prioritize offer strategy based by preference
  • How to game-theory and strategize over a few scenarios
  • Incorporate passive candidate approach to help yourself
  • For unemployed candidates, how to best represent yourself in terms of salary negotiation
  • What work? How to negotiate salary, examples
  • Mindset to salary negotiation
  • Counter-offer situations
  • How to leverage multiple offers


Never Stop Networking

  • How to handle school fairs
  • How to handle networking events
  • What’s the best way to network when you have a job
  • What’s the best way to network when you’re unemployed
  • What’s the objective of networking events and how do you approach them in general to get what you want?

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- Alexander Pena

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