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As a top-billing headhunter on roles from CEO to Associate level, Dandan coached candidates how to best represent themselves during the job search process to any hiring decision-maker.

Dandan created The DANDAN Method, a holistic way to approach job search based on Dandan’s unique insight as a headhunter.

Learn the DANDAN Method by joining our interactive live webinar courses or with your private Dandan Method Certified (DMC) coach for the ultimate coaching experience tailored to help you at any stage of job search!

The DANDAN Method


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Dictate Your Destiny


Arrange Your Arsenal


Nail Your Narrative


Direct And Dominate the Process


Angle And Accept The Best Available Offer


Never Stop Networking!

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Testimonials     DandanGlobal

  • "DANDAN Method was exceptional, especially the Arrange your Arsenal module and Resume advice."

  • "The most helpful section was Nail your Narrative. The DANDAN Method made me learn about what recruiters want to hear and how to represent myself to them."

  • “It was my great pleasure to work with Dandan on my recent job search. Dandan proved to be very insightful about the industry, a strong advocate, and tenacious. Her ebullient energy and positive attitude made it a lot of fun to work with her.”

  • “As a recruiter, Dandan is thoroughly professional and very hard-working. She tries to create win-win situations for both the employer and the candidates. She was respectful of my work objectives and only introduced me to opportunities that met my needs.”

  • “Ms Zhu's charismatic approach, blind belief in oneself and positive energy are the key factors that encouraged me to reach my goals.”