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4 Ways to Make More MONEY in 2017

Dec 30th in Building Wealth, Financial Planning, Success

As a life-hacker who retired at age 28, here are 4 strategies that ANYONE can look into right away to increase your earning power in 2017.

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4 Things to do before 2017 - Daily DANDAN Ep 41

Dec 30th in Building Wealth, Success


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4 Things you MUST do before 2017

Dec 30th in Productivity, Success

This year, like all years, has flown by. Regardless of how we felt about 2016, it's time to shed our old skin and embrace the future. As with many things our lives, our viewpoint and attitude will shape the outcome of our happenstance and actions (or lack thereof).

Here are 4 things you MUST do before 2017:

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3 Business shifts that you can take advantage of

Dec 2nd in Dictate Your Destiny, Financial Planning, Thought leadership

As a headhunter for companies of various sizes, I have seen many challenges first-hand of what businesses and managers encounter everyday. Otherwise, they wouldn't be paying expensive headhunting fees to help them recruit people who will fix their issues!

Based on my experiences working with such a variety of employers, here are 3 crucial business shifts you can take advantage of:


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Ep 40 Success Gameplan no matter who won the election

Dec 2nd in Dictate Your Destiny, Thought leadership


Ep 39 Meredith Shirk Interview - Confidence Success and Freedom

Dec 2nd in Coaching, Success


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The 1 quality Chief Executives have others "don't"

Nov 21st in Building Wealth, Coaching, Success

I started my headhunting career in 2011 recruiting Analyst to Director level candidates which maxed out at $220k on base. As a consistent top-biller, my company asked me to head up our Executive Search division, which gave me a unique experience to recruit top Chief Executives. My new band of candidates' base salaries were now from $250-$500k with additional bonuses and massive equity potential. Their yearly total compensation could easily exceed 7-figures.

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