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  3 Business shifts that you can take advantage of

Dec 2nd

3 Business shifts that you can take advantage of

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As a headhunter for companies of various sizes, I have seen many challenges first-hand of what businesses and managers encounter everyday. Otherwise, they wouldn't be paying expensive headhunting fees to help them recruit people who will fix their issues!

Based on my experiences working with such a variety of employers, here are 3 crucial business shifts you can take advantage of:

#1. Companies today need people more than people need companies. Yes, the power pendulum is in full swing in favor of the candidate. That may sound absurd, but read on!

Employers always complain about how hard it is to find good talent. In all surveys, employers' biggest headache is STAFF development and retention of their top performers. Sometimes, they begrudgingly hire external recruiters (aka headhunters like me) to beg, borrow, and steal candidates to join their firms over their competitors. Specialized talent is hard to find for a variety of reasons. Some of the best talent is retiring, leaving the industry, or starting their own firms to compete with their old employers.

If you're able to identify your skill, your passions, and link it with learning on the job and a positive attitude, you'll attract all employers in ANY field. People mistakenly think that the answer to success lies in a some corporate job at an "impressive" company, but career success doesn't have to look like that, otherwise those salaries would decrease (supply and demand)! There are infinite career paths in restaurant/hotel/retail management, construction, travel, sales, and many more that your parents, society, friends, and colleagues don't even know about, much less encourage you to think about.

Sadly, you're left on your own to figure your future out!

No amount of college or graduate studies can truly prepare you for the real world because you have to find out by yourself for yourself.

Answer this question: What can you do well with your existing skillset that you can build upon and that you actually ENJOY doing? Therein lies your answer. Add in some hardwork, patience, learning, and a friendly, caring, and genuine way to treat others, employers will be more than happy to hire someone with those attributes. You have the power to influence your desirability or "qualifications", thus the attitude towards success, life, and hardwork supersedes all technical requirements.

DG Tip: If you're already in a career where you are highly sought after, constantly stay in touch with key networkers in your career vertical. Don't get comfortable and think you're above networking or staying in touch with people just because you're having a good run so far. You never know who may lead to your next business or career opportunity.

If you have grander ambitions, how can you start your own company in your niche? There are so many ways to evaluate opportunities in something you know well. You may start a sole-proprietor contracting business or a bigger outsourced option or a startup to revolutionize your existing industry.

#2. Related to #1, it has NEVER BEEN EASIER OR CHEAPER to start your own company and leave the 9-5 construct. That's a big reason why retention is a huge problem especially in the times we live in. Many professionals are using the 9-5 construct to earn income, while pursuing passive-income/entrepreneurial ventures, thus at a certain point, they can afford to leave "lifetime employment". The employee can become the employer.

Let's be real: the average period of employment with any given company for people, millennials AND non-millennials alike is about 3 years now! The bygone era of pensions and "loyalty" are nothing more than remnants of the nuclear family ideal. It simply doesn't exist into today's world, nor should it! Options have never been more plentiful. It's not a perception, it's simply fact. Why and how is this happening?

#3. The internet is eradicating the value and competitive edge of institutionalized or formalized education, specialized information, and knowledge in general. Furthermore, the internet is dismantling costly systems and processes of the past!AND THAT'S A GREAT THING for all enterprises AND individuals. Invoicing, web design, outsourcing, legal, accounting, retail goods, services, etc. have been drastically reduced in price with the proliferation of internet-based business models.

Knowing more simply doesn't matter anymore. You don't get brownie points for memorization of knowledge one can easily pluck from an internet engine. A general consumer can hop onto youtube and figure out exactly how to fix X, Y, or Z! Your PhD or Masters or MBA is not as important as it used to be! Automation is hitting every single industry and destroying the knowledge barrier. As an example, instead of needing to hire a lawyer, one can hop onto any legal website and write their own will or LLC documents. This phenomenon is totally revamping EVERY industry in some way; no job, industry, or career strategy is safe.

The playing field is only going to get more even - this is an UNSTOPPABLE reality of the modern age. Thank goodness for that! Everyone should be able to achieve success no matter what nation-state, ethnicity or country they live in. People half a world away will be able to do our jobs better at a cheaper rate! We can assume technical competition will be higher and higher. You're no longer competing within your district, region, or company even! This a revolution bigger than anything political going on; NOTHING will stop this new reality, short of banning the internet!

Anyone resistant to this new reality is not only delusional, but missing out on crucial business and life opportunities. What's important now more than ever are soft skills such as COMMUNICATION SKILLS. That could be your unbeatable advantage. Your likability, your ability to move people and get things done, your impact and influence on companies, businesses, strategies, and results. Furthermore, your ability to recognize patterns and hack systems will help you take advantage of new opportunities.

The question we all need to answer is this:

Assuming that everyone has the same information as we do (through the internet),NOW WHAT do I do?

The answer will lead you to unbelievable results ahead of you. I hope you enjoyed my article!

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