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  3 Things you can do to obtain success the fast way

Aug 14th

3 Things you can do to obtain success the fast way

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As someone who is, was, and will always be, SUPER committed to accelerated net wealth accumulation and freedom from societal/financial constraints, I implemented a number of habits to further my success, and certainly, I will continue to grow these skills to fuel my company's growth, Dandan Global.

As someone who has retired from traditional employment at age 28, here are 3 Things you can do to obtain success the fast way!

1. Be in control: Reclaim your time. This means at work and outside of working hours. It's too easy to get sucked into social events: happy hours, brunches, birthday parties, and "obligatory" gatherings that you NEED to be at to "succeed in the workplace". Peer pressure sadly pursues up deep into adulthood; keeping up the Joneses is a persistent pressure no matter how old you are. You have to spend as much as others, live a similarly lavish lifestyle, and attend the same events.

Sadly, what happens is, you'll miss opportunities to further your financial situation by way of:

  • Wasted resources/cash at said social events (drinking, eating, partying, vacations, and pretty much all else are very expensive in NYC at least!)
  • Wasted opportunities to invest: if you spend your time unwisely, you'll literally miss market opportunities because you won't have the time you need to become educated in key financial products, business opportunities, and real estate deals.

Fight the need to do exactly what everyone else is doing because it takes time away from yourself and your future! It's all about balance; Start rejecting socializing opportunities until you get your life in order, which leads me to the next suggestion.

2. GET YOUR LIFE IN ORDER. Do you have your goals planned out? Are your finances in check? Do you have your credit score fixed or at least know what to do to get it on track? If not, sooner or later, you'll have to face some serious issues down the line.

Catch yourself before it's too late because you'll have to clean up your own mess if you let your problems fester. 

I've seen countless millennials who don't have their life in order; it's no different with my candidates and clients (chief executives, "rich" people!) triple their age! At every age cohort, the majority of people don't do what they need to, to succeed. It's feels like "too much work" and it doesn't sound "fun"! Not to mention the social stigma/judgment that comes with living a low-key lifestyle. 

Many people don't save EVER, don't plan EVER, and don't budget EVER, so they can't EVER retire. It's not a good feeling or situation to be in at ANY age. It's never too soon to start confronting your issues front and center.

No amount of ignoring the problem will solve your problem; they'll just accumulate while you're trying to forget your woes! Start revitalizing your life now.

To start learning about financial vehicles that may work for you and general good life advice, Utilize sites like:

  • - financial budgeting tool
  • - credit score monitoring tool
  • The Motely Fool - - anything and everything on all financial instruments
  • or - see how much real estate is in your area, and start learning valuation - better yet, read classics like Rich Dad Poor Dad for basics into thinking differently about real estate
  •,, - read what others have gone through in their career and life to succeed and be inspired 

3. Religiously plan time for yourself to goal-set and re-calibrate your game plan.Get comfortable being alone to evaluate your life plan and short term, mid term, long term goals. 

TIP: Although not the most exciting read, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People is VERY useful to develop goals and create an action plan!

Especially as we're headed into the weekend, it's prime-time to reject social and work-related events. Focus on yourself, fight the FOMO (fear of missing out) and soldier on alone. You'll feel very calm Sunday night if you take care of all your issues during your precious off-work hours!!!

Dandan is an ex-headhunter, retired 9-5'er, Founder of Dandan Global, a coaching company helping you achieve the life and career you envision.

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