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  4 Major job types - See which one you belong to

Aug 8th

4 Major job types - See which one you belong to

Arrange Your Arsenal, Dictate Your Destiny

I have been asked:

How do you really understand and plan your career path, when you're just unsure what you really want?

What a great question, how universal. Certainly, everyone wonders this at various points of one’s life. Even the most successful people will spend time answering this question many times in their lives.

Having been a headhunter that has coached, negotiated and placed professionals at analyst level up to C-level, the best strategy I recommend is always to reflect internally and invest in self-awareness.

Every human being is created differently; we each have our unique skill set, strengths (which also are our greatest weaknesses), likes and dislikes.

The first part of the DANDAN Method to achieving the life and career you envision, is D - which stands for Dictate Your Destiny. You absolutely need to have a end goal in mind to start getting somewhere. Certainly, your path will shift, pivot, and change, but that doesn’t neglect the first step, which is to at least have some idea of what suits your personal situation.

According to Dandan’s Four S’s, there are 4 major categories of jobs. Check this out - it may give you an idea of where you can begin to explore options.

Are you more people-centric? Technically inclined? How about having a special talent/skill that makes you stand out into a specialty/trade? Or would you be happy working a more service-oriented job with fixed hours and guaranteed income?

This layout is just giving you an idea of the type of lifestyle of a few potential careers while also alluding to the accompanying income and working environment. Some jobs provide more flexibility, some are more static where you must work for a fixed income. Where are you now, or if you're unemployed, where do you want to start? You can always move between quadrants, but are you financially ready to undertake a specialty business venture which may require you to have a nest egg or some sort of plan B in case your business doesn't take off for an extended period of time?

Hopefully this sheds some light and ideas on your next step forward!

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