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3 Ways to Achieve Life-Work Alignment

Jun 28th in Personal, Productivity, Reading

According to Gallup, the average work week for full-time employees is 47 hours. "Work-life balance" no longer suffices to help us manage the never-ending stress from work that isn't aligned with our values, passions, and lifestyle. If you're not a great swimmer, instead of flailing desperately to stay afloat, why not play a sport you excel at?

Contrary to balancing life with work, here are 3 Ways to Achieve Life-Work Alignment to set yourself up for success.

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Daily Dandan - Episode 1 : Introduction to the DANDAN Method to Job Search!

Jun 27th in Career Management, Dictate Your Destiny, Interview


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3 Common Abuses of LinkedIn

Jun 26th in Career Management, Never Stop Networking!, Personal

LinkedIn is undoubtedly the #1 Networking tool when you manage and promote your career and professional brand. Because LinkedIn was built for easy access and far-reaching connectivity, many users unfortunately take advantage of this quality to misuse and abuse LinkedIn. 

Here are 3 Common Abuses of LinkedIn and ideas to address these issues. 

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3 Steps to Describe Yourself Effectively in 30 Seconds (or less!)

Jun 25th in Career Management, Nail Your Narrative, Personal

You have never meticulously crafted your personal statement/introduction. Even if you did, you haven't practiced it enough on enough people, AND received feedback on it. It's one of those annoying things in life you wish you spent more time on, but just never got around to doing it (like those thank you cards or last week's dishes).

Well, fear no more - here's a 3-step technique to describe yourself effectively in 30 seconds (or less)!

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