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Nov 4th in Career Management, Coaching


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Top Career Tips from Speedshmoozing with ELNYA, The Moth, Dandan Global, and Form Theatricals

Nov 4th in Building Wealth, Never Stop Networking!, Success

There is no doubt how important networking is in today's corporate, business, career, and personal realms. As the world advances staunchly into over-digitalization and automation, the value of proficiency, nay, excellence in human interaction, networking and in-person charisma has NO substitute.

Emerging Leaders of New York Arts' (ELNYA) Board Members recently hosted a night of "Speedshmoozing" led by Sam Hacker of The Moth, who invited co-hosts: Dandan Zhu, CEO & Founder, Dandan Global, Kate Tellers, Senior Producer of The Moth, and Zach Laks, Co-Founder at Form Theatricals to comment on the TOP CAREER TIPS for people looking to grow their business networks and prospecting skills.

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TOP Career Mistakes TOP Performers Commonly Make

Nov 4th in Career Management, Coaching, Thought leadership

As a top-billing headhunter for professionals at CEO to Analyst-level, I’ve been part of thousands of career decisions.

From my observations and personal experience, here’s the full list of the TOP Mistakes I’ve seen top performers make.

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Top 5 WORST Job Search Tips

Oct 20th in Career Management, Coaching, Interview

As a top-billing headhunter, I am constantly appalled at the throngs of people with NO recruitment expertise who go around telling others what to do.


Without further ado, here are the TOP 5 WORST Common Job Search Tips that really make my blood boil:

#1. Create an "attractive resume" . . . . . 

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The Opportunity cost of complacency in your CAREER

Oct 11th in Career Management, Dictate Your Destiny, Productivity

As a top-billing headhunter for roles ranging from Chief Executive to Analyst, I've seen thousands of people take or reject opportunities which resulted in life-altering results. It's scary how small decisions and moments of hesitation can truly create an unintended "butterfly" effect that can escalate or stymie progress.

Maybe that's why as a species, we've always been so fascinated by time travel and the idea of fate/destiny. The thought that, had we done something else, our world would be entirely different. This is the BASIC concept of Opportunity Cost.

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Best piece of career advice: Daily DANDAN Ep 36

Sep 30th in Productivity, Success, Thought leadership


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The Challenge I propose to you that may change your life

Sep 28th in Personal, Productivity

As I went from being broke, confused, and jobless after college, to being retired from the corporate world at age 28 and now owner of my own company, it's astonishing how much personal development had to happen for my dreams to become reality. Principles to achieve success sound easy, cliche, and theoretically achievable but the actual implementation is anything but that.

As a headhunter, now career coach, I've progressed by leaps and bounds by learning true life lessons through observing and influencing the lives of: my clients, candidates, colleagues/bosses, family, friends, and more.

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