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3 Reasons why LESS is MORE in your life, business, and career

Aug 25th in Angle and Accept the Best Available Offer, Personal, Success

As a headhunter and career coach, the number issue I have noticed stopping people from achieving the life and career they envision is: the Fear Of Missing Out. Otherwise, known as FOMO. In an effort to "appeal to everyone" and to "be open to everything", many candidates, colleagues, and fellow businesspeople fail to attract ANYone or ANYthing, delaying and negatively impacting their job search efforts and success.

FOMO must be avoided at all costs because sustainably successful people and businesses know that the only way to make it in their realm is specialization, expertise, and a unified marketing message touting their unique selling points (USPs)*. Ironically, pursuing the strategy of "LESS is MORE" actually attracts more success to your life, job, and business!

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How to network yourself into a new job: Ep 30 Daily DANDAN

Aug 24th in Never Stop Networking!, Success


The Right Way to Apply for Jobs: Daily DANDAN 29

Aug 24th in Arrange Your Arsenal, Nail Your Narrative, Success


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Jobs and Careers: Why are so many people content with just earning a salary and working 9-6 their entire adult life?

Aug 24th in Career Management, Dictate Your Destiny

From a headhunter’s perspective, as someone who recruited multitudes of candidates from analyst level to Chief Executives, from one 9–5 job into their next, I have a pretty good sample size and inside peek into their psychology of why hoards of people choose to do this*.

*Passion aside. This article is simply stating why people choose the 9–5 construct. I’m not debating levels of passion because I’ve seen people who work with passion OR without, as an employee OR as an entrepreneur. Passion is not the problem (that would be off-topic).

Here are a few reasons why by order of frequency that these reasons arose:

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What I learned from the Olympics about careers and life! Daily DANDAN Ep 28

Aug 19th in Career Management, Personal, Thought leadership


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What the Olympics taught me this week

Aug 18th in Productivity, Success, Thought leadership

As the whole world is consumed by the Olympics this week with some truly game-changing feats by the Olympic greats like Phelps, Biles, Raisman, Felix, etc., I tried to justify my indulgence on TV watching by embracing what I can learn from these incredible people on top of their game, the best in the world, with history bearing witness to the power of the individual and team. 

Here are 4 personally game-changing concepts the Olympics taught me: 

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Why you never hear back from job applications: Daily Dandan Ep 27

Aug 17th in Dictate Your Destiny, Direct and Dominate the Process, Nail Your Narrative