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How to best design your resume from a hiring decision-maker's perspective

Aug 16th in Arrange Your Arsenal, Direct and Dominate the Process, Nail Your Narrative

As a top-billing headhunter who directly poached and placed candidates from analyst-level all the way up to Chief Executive level, I have truly seen it all when it comes to resumes. Plenty of my chief executive-level candidates spent THOUSANDS of dollars on their resume which were unusable because they were based on career advice theory, not fact! What a waste of money.


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What happens after you submit your job application: Daily DANDAN Ep 26

Aug 15th in Dictate Your Destiny, Interview


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3 Things you can do to obtain success the fast way

Aug 14th in Nail Your Narrative, Success, Thought leadership

As someone who is, was, and will always be, SUPER committed to accelerated net wealth accumulation and freedom from societal/financial constraints, I implemented a number of habits to further my success, and certainly, I will continue to grow these skills to fuel my company's growth, Dandan Global.

As someone who has retired from traditional employment at age 28, here are 3 Things you can do to obtain success the fast way!

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Self Introduction Statement Basics How to answer Tell me about yourself: Dandan Global

Aug 13th in Dictate Your Destiny, Nail Your Narrative


Ep 25 How job search has transformed into what it is today: Daily DANDAN 25

Aug 12th in Career Management, Dictate Your Destiny, Interview


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The ONLY way to get promoted in the modern corporate world

Aug 11th in Angle and Accept the Best Available Offer, Productivity, Success

Having hands-on brokered the careers and promotions of countless candidates through my experience as a headhunter for positions at the Chief Executive level to analyst positions, the ONLY way to get promoted in the modern corporate world at any career level and industry is: MANEUVERING* effectively.

*This is assuming you do your job at the technical skill rate of 50%+ percentile. You can’t really maneuver consistently and successfully in the long run if you’re incompetent. This requires a minimum of at least knowing what you’re doing every day and doing a decent job; more power to you if you do an excellent job.

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Dandan Global: Fed up?

Aug 10th in Career Management, Coaching