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What you should consider before becoming a contractor or consultant Ep 24 Daily DANDAN

Aug 9th in Arrange Your Arsenal, Direct and Dominate the Process


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4 Major job types - See which one you belong to

Aug 8th in Arrange Your Arsenal, Dictate Your Destiny

Certainly, everyone wonders this at various points of one’s life. Even the most successful people will spend time answering this question many times in their lives.

Having been a headhunter that has coached, negotiated and placed professionals at analyst level up to C-level, the best strategy I recommend is always to reflect internally and invest in self-awareness.

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Ep 23 The benefits of becoming a contractor or consultant Daily DANDAN

Aug 7th in Career Management, Dictate Your Destiny


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3 Reasons Why Job Descriptions Don't Mean Anything

Aug 6th in Direct and Dominate the Process, Interview, Nail Your Narrative, Personal, Productivity

I recently received a note from a LinkedIn contact frustrated with job descriptions being unrealistic. She was incredulous that a company would post such an outlandish job description that didn't sit well with her experience as an expert in her field. Similarly, when I was a headhunter, I frequently encountered candidates who self-selected and rejected opportunities due to feeling like they couldn't live up to or accept the terms of the job description. Some were too good to be true, some sounded downright awful.

As a hiring manager, hiring manager's headhunter, and executive search expert, what I'm here to tell you is the job descriptions don't mean anything! That's right, they're utterly useless as a benchmark to evaluate any role. Here are 3 Reasons Why Job Descriptions Don't Mean Anything and what you should do instead of wasting your time fretting over them.

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4 ways to progress your career: Daily DANDAN Ep 22

Aug 5th in Arrange Your Arsenal, Career Management, Coaching


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How to Beat Imposter Syndrome

Aug 4th in Career Management, Personal, Reading

High-achieving individuals suffer from "imposter syndrome", a belief that one does not deserve nor merit his/her accomplishments. The negative effects of this mentality impacts confidence, career progression, and ultimately happiness due to this phenomenon decreasing one's self-esteem in and out of the workplace.

Thankfully, recent influencers, businesspeople, and celebrities like Sheryl Sandberg, Tina Fey, Don Cheadle, Maya Angelou, Chuck Lorre, and so many more, have spoken about their own experiences and made this issue a mainstream topic today.

Here are a few strategies I actively enact to combat self-doubt and my views on How to Beat Imposter Syndrome

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Why sales jobs are less risky than you think: More on why sales jobs are awesome Daily DANDAN Ep 21

Aug 3rd in Building Wealth, Career Management, Interview, Success, Thought leadership