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How to get promoted in the modern corporate environment: Ep 16 Daily DANDAN

Jul 26th in Personal, Productivity, Reading, Success


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3 Resume Tips from a Headhunter's Perspective

Jul 25th in Career Management, Coaching, Interview, Personal, Success

As a headhunter for 5 years, I evaluated over 45,000 resumes. For every candidate I chose to work with, I spent a significant amount of time helping them with their resume in order to obtain an interview for them. Because I was the conduit between the client and the candidate, I quickly latched onto what particular aspects of your resume could make or break your candidacy to a hiring entity. 

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How to reduce job search anxiety and enjoy interviewing! Daily DANDAN 15

Jul 24th in Interview, Nail Your Narrative


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3 Controversial Traits You Need to Succeed

Jul 23rd in Personal, Productivity, Success

Through my achievements in headhunting and real estate investing, I quit the corporate rat race to start my coaching business, Dandan Global. Many of my colleagues, friends, and followers ask me what has propelled me to success. My advice is not what you'll hear in most cookie-cutter articles.

Based on my personal experience, here are 3 Controversial Traits You Need to Succeed. This has been what's worked for me, and it may work for you.

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How to conquer imposter syndrome and Regain your confidence Daily DANDAN Ep 14

Jul 22nd in Dictate Your Destiny, Personal


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3 Pet Peeves of Headhunters You Need to Know

Jul 21st in Interview, Nail Your Narrative, Productivity

As companies hire headhunters to recruit for positions at 2-3 years of industry experience, you'll start fielding headhunter calls/digital outreach very early in your professional life. It's crucial to manage your professional brand from the outset and anticipate how to best perform on recruiter calls to maximize your networking and career opportunities.

Here are 3 Pet Peeves of Headhunters You Need to Know to start positive, fruitful, and productive relationships with recruiters who may greatly add to your career success.

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How your spending habits may damage your career progression - Daily Dandan 13

Jul 20th in Career Management, Personal