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4 Major Career Options: Where are you now, and where are you going?

Jul 19th in Career Management, Coaching, Direct and Dominate the Process, Personal


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3 Ways to Judge Each Headhunter Who Calls You

Jul 18th in Interview, Nail Your Narrative

With your information easily accessible, you've probably received a fair share of calls from headhunters, the majority of who failed to follow up, divulge useful information, and ultimately, obtain any interviews for you! Your frustration may lead you to regard all headhunters with suspicion, resentment, and disdain. Although you may be tempted to swear off all future headhunters, your negative frame of mind may deter the best headhunters from working with you! 

Here are 3 Ways to Judge Each Headhunter Who Calls You to find the headhunter who will accelerate your career.

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How To Interview Any Headhunter Who Calls You - Daily DANDAN Ep 11

Jul 17th in Career Management, Coaching, Interview, Nail Your Narrative


How To Network Like A Pro: The DANDAN Method - Never Stop Networking

Jul 16th in Never Stop Networking!, Success


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3 Things You Should Always Tell Your Headhunter

Jul 15th in Angle and Accept the Best Available Offer, Arrange Your Arsenal, Interview

As one of the top 1% of headhunters globally, I learned (the hard way!) that when offers and relationships go awry, it's usually down to one culprit - a lack of transparency. Burned by experiences with unethical or ineffective recruiters, candidates try to keep everything hush-hush, which can directly lead to unnecessary drama and mistakes.

Here I'll share 3 Things You Should Always Tell Your Headhunter* to help you on your journey.

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How to Negotiate Your Job Offer, Salary, Compensation Package: Daily DANDAN Ep 9

Jul 14th in Building Wealth, Career Management, Coaching


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3 Mental Hacks to Approach Job Search

Jul 13th in Personal, Productivity, Reading, Thought leadership

When seeking a new position, too many pressures overwhelm your ability to think straight! A few of the most common issues arise around financial urgency, personal situation/timing, and external stressors from interviewing, offer negotiation, and ultimately, deciding which offer to accept. 

Through my experience as a headhunter, here are 3  Mental Hacks to Approach Job Search to maintain control and not lose yourself in the process!

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