Aug 5th


4 ways to progress your career: Daily DANDAN Ep 22

How to Beat Imposter Syndrome
Aug 4th

How to Beat Imposter Syndrome

High-achieving individuals suffer from "imposter syndrome", a belief that one does not deserve nor merit his/her accomplishments. The negative effects of this mentality impacts confidence, career progression, and ultimately happiness due to this phenomenon decreasing one's self-esteem in and out of the workplace.

Thankfully, recent influencers, businesspeople, and celebrities like Sheryl Sandberg, Tina Fey, Don Cheadle, Maya Angelou, Chuck Lorre, and so many more, have spoken about their own experiences and made this issue a mainstream topic today.

Here are a few strategies I actively enact to combat self-doubt and my views on How to Beat Imposter Syndrome

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Aug 3rd


Why sales jobs are less risky than you think: More on why sales jobs are awesome Daily DANDAN Ep 21

Aug 2nd


Why Sales is an awesome career despite what others say Ep 20 Daily DANDAN

Why an MBA is NOT Worth the Investment
Aug 1st

Why an MBA is NOT Worth the Investment

Having been a headhunter for top positions from executive level and below, I can honestly and sincerely tell you, most companies nowadays don't care about an MBA degree at all

Before everyone freaks out and decries this post, hear me out. Here is Why an MBA is NOT Worth the Investment. 

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