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Aug 13th


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3 Reasons Why Job Descriptions Don't Mean Anything
Aug 6th

3 Reasons Why Job Descriptions Don't Mean Anything

I recently received a note from a LinkedIn contact frustrated with job descriptions being unrealistic. She was incredulous that a company would post such an outlandish job description that didn't sit well with her experience as an expert in her field. Similarly, when I was a headhunter, I frequently encountered candidates who self-selected and rejected opportunities due to feeling like they couldn't live up to or accept the terms of the job description. Some were too good to be true, some sounded downright awful.

As a hiring manager, hiring manager's headhunter, and executive search expert, what I'm here to tell you is the job descriptions don't mean anything! That's right, they're utterly useless as a benchmark to evaluate any role. Here are 3 Reasons Why Job Descriptions Don't Mean Anything and what you should do instead of wasting your time fretting over them.

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Jul 31st


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Jul 30th


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