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  Top Career Tips from Speedshmoozing with ELNYA, The Moth, Dandan Global, and Form Theatricals

Nov 4th

Top Career Tips from Speedshmoozing with ELNYA, The Moth, Dandan Global, and Form Theatricals

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There is no doubt how important networking is in today's corporate, business, career, and personal realms. As the world advances staunchly into over-digitalization and automation, the value of proficiency, nay, excellence in human interaction, networking and in-person charisma has NO substitute.

Emerging Leaders of New York Arts' (ELNYA) Board Members recently hosted a night of "Speedshmoozing" led by Sam Hacker of The Moth, who invited co-hosts: Dandan Zhu, CEO & Founder, Dandan Global, Kate Tellers, Senior Producer of The Moth, and Zach Laks, Co-Founder at Form Theatricals to comment on the TOP CAREER TIPS for people looking to grow their business networks and prospecting skills.

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Dandan’s segment focused on her background as a headhunter and now career coach and founder of Dandan Global, to share her expertise with all job seekers.Having worked with professionals from Analyst to CEO-level, she teaches what works in the real world to create successful careers aligned to your life goals.

Here are the top tips Dandan highlighted to the audience:

  1. How and why job aggregator sites are NOT the best NOR only way to generate interviews. Tune into Dandan’s podcast for the full breakdown of Why you never hear back from Job Applications. Also, here is What happens after you submit your job application. The “Resume in a pile” phenomenon is systematic of a bigger problem. Digital resources do not substitute for in-person interactions.
  2. Don't over-design your resume or attempt to be an SEO expert with keyword vomit. Resume formats are also SO crazy these days! Read here why conventional advice on “how to make your resume attractive” doesn’t make any sense!
  3. Use LinkedIn AS a directory - this is LinkedIn's main competitive advantage.You now have the world in your hands. The trick is now to make best use of those connections in the REAL world past digital communication. Which leads to the next point:
  4. Understand who you REALLY should be contacting. Who should you contact: the HR (Human Resources) person or the hiring manager? When Dandan surveyed the audience, they correctly pointed out that HR is usually the first interview, hiring manager is the 2nd. The HR is the first line of defense. Which translates into: gate-keeper aka probably NOT your best friend during the process. Thus, Dandan makes the case to FOCUS ON THE:
  5. Hiring Manager as the core person to sell to. The hiring manager is the person who ultimately oversees the future hire. Why? They’re the ones with the Acute Business Need (ABN). They’re in the process of losing someone, or have already lost them! They have a huge incentive to backfill due to increased workload and the stress of being under-staffed. They’re going to be pretty happy if a great candidate walked in the front door of their own volition!

However, if that’s the case, why do so few people contact the hiring manager? Well, when asking the audience if perhaps the hiring manager reachout may be intimidating, 90% of the room raised their hand!

Contrary to what you’re comfortable with, you should get to the decision-maker right away. You will be perceived as more of a go-getter when you go “direct to source”. Do it enough, and the law of numbers will work for you.

DG TIP: Don’t be afraid, hiring managers WANT to hear from you. And not all are good at networking. In fact, most hiring managers struggle with the same issues all professionals do. Make sure you can deliver your resume and career story on a silver platter to them so that you can move smoothly into the interview process!

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