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Private Coaching

Dandan Global offers Private Coaching plans centered on The DANDAN Method. Start working with your private DANDAN Method Certified (DMC) coach to create a coaching plan unique to your personal needs!

Our DMC Coaches are excited to get started and help you achieve the life and career you envision!

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  • One-on-one tracking, goal setting, and feedback on your arsenal, narrative, and strategy!
  • Schedule sessions at your own time, sessions never expire
  • Exclusive Q&A open session​s​ on additional topics
  • To top it off, private coaching clients receive lifetime access to Dandan Global’s webinars!
What’s up Game Changer,


Welcome to Dandan Global Private Coaching. You’re already ahead of the game by taking the initiative to invest in your future! I’m here to guide you through all of the ups and downs in the job search process.


I make it my mission to keep you focused with your eye on the prize. We’ll set goals, track your progress, and pivot your career strategy.


We're serious about your success. Thus, I'd like to offer you a 30-minute coaching session with me first to see how we work together.


To schedule your session, send us a note to: privatecoaching@dandanglobal.com


Talk to you soon,




Sarah Mitko


Head of Private Coaching